Coronavirus Statement

As with the rest of the nation, we are deeply concerned about the coronavirus pandemic. It is our greatest priority to protect health and minimize the spread of this virus.

We remain open and will follow all publicly issued guidelines.

We are taking measures posted by the CDC and local authorities to help protect the health and well being of our employees and guests.

  1. We have increased the frequency of disinfecting our public areas and high touch surfaces using an EPA registered cleaning product.
  2. The fitness center will be limited to four guests at a time. 
  3. The pool will stay open with a limit of 20 guests at a time. Guests should stay 6 feet apart at all times. Chlorine levels are monitored on a daily basis, and we will slightly elevate required chlorine levels.
  4. Laundry facilities and bathrooms will remain open, however, safe social distancing is required.
  5. Arriving guests may check – in without entering the office as we can make reservations and take payments online. The office will remain open for essential business.

As an expansive outdoor property (we are on over 100 acres) where all guests can shelter within their own protected environment, we have the ability to help our fellow citizens get through this crisis in these ways:

  1. RV travelers stuck away from their home or those who are in the process of traveling back to their home,  as well as the legion of full time RVers.
  2. Individuals or families who choose to shelter within their RV, the ability to be closer to nature and safe outdoor environments.